A little about us-

Jim and Emjay met at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1984 where they collaborated on Video Art work. Both Jim and Emjay have been active in the arts all of their lives; Jim from drawing and painting to designing and installing unique fireplaces, Emjay from puppeteering to Performance Poetry. They treat each project as a new creative venture and love sharing and learning from others!

Emjay has an MFA in Video Art from the SF Art Institute and a Masters in Scandinavian Language and Literature from U.C.Berkeley. Her poetry has been published in periodicals in Sweden and the United States. Jim Scott has been the Captain of fishing boats on Vancouver Island. Jim has also produced and directed the TV show Too Much for Teevee, where Emjay interviewed a different video artist bi-weekly in San Francisco. They produced a local Public Access TV show in San Francisco during the 80’s and won several awards for their video art, including the SONY award. Their work has shown on KQED, and in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. They view their wine as a new art form.

In the late 90’s, they planted Naughty Boy Vineyard and tend it with great care and love, and yes – Jim talks to his grapes! They work together to create a lush, velvety Pinot Noir that will take them back to Beaune and Nuit St. Georges, their favorite spot to vacation.

The first time you try Naughty Boy Pinot Noir, it may be for the novelty of ordering it. However, after you experience the taste and purity of this organically produced Pinot, you will return for the quality.